Daily DeFi News – July 30, 2022

# DeFi 🏦

[Yearn’s internal framework to navigate DeFi risks](

[Brief look into 2nd generation AMMs part 2](

[Radiant capital](

[The rise of Mars Hub and an outpost on Osmosis](

[MakerDAO breakdown of Parameter Changes Proposal](


# News 📰

[Reserve protocol entering the CurveWars](

[Conic whitepaper](

[Juno v.9.0.0 is live](

[Opyn Crab v2 is live](

[PaintSwap V3 is live on Fantom](

[PowerAgent v2](


# Layer 1 & 2 ⛓

[Consensus-layer Call 92](

[The future of Optimism](

[What’s new in Eth2](

[Kujira and it’s future](

[Intern’s explanation of Fantom’s partnership with security firm Dedaub](


# MEV ⚡️

[The future of MEV](

[MEV 2.0: The Rise of MPSVs](

[MEV-Boost Status Update – July 15-29, 2022](

[Breakdown MEV bot attack on BrinkTrade](


# Reads 📚

[Publicly verifiable quantum money from random lattices](

[Blocksmith thread on Arthur Hayes latest article](

[Paradigm LP letter excerpt](

[3AC Court Documents Reveal A Famous Whale](

[Greeks Primer](

[What is value and alpha](

[Intern notes from Nansen supervised with Wassielawyer and Gobe](

The daily news roundup links were gathered by DeFi Llama.

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