DAI APY rates

Ive got quite a decent amount in DAI and always put it on AAVE, but the rates keep going down

Im looking for higher rates but dont really know a platform, which is just as secure and has better rates

Can someone lead me into the right direction

No CEX please

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  1. Tranquil finance allows lending and borrowing DAI. You can use an autocompounder to loop it automatically and get 40% apy on DAI. DAI only became available on tranquil last week, so expect yields to go down to 25-30% (the normal rate for USDC).

  2. There is som many projects which offers you high apy like ( Reimagined finance , Sushiswap )
    First one is My favourite as a Defi farming project . You must ensure the system how it works , and how it will be managed in defi farming before considering it your special one .

  3. well the most trusted is of course aave, compound only. If you are up for a bit of degen plays then there are some farms on FTM that may offer more on stables. Check on vfat tools which are giving more apy.

    i am in some farms but mostly alts farms that are giving me like 100 usd per 2k capital every day. Not to mention those are dangerous .

    also staking alts like GTH DAFI AIOZ PSP for various APY’s those are my long term holds so why not stake em as well

  4. The last time I checked AAVE still offers 2.81% on DAI, which is low compared to other platforms, I believe the highest APY on the platform in the 12.83% for BUSD.

    Although Yield App just added DAI to its portfolio after the launch of its V2, you can still get to earn a 12% APY on it, and even go as high as 18%, when also holding YLD tokens in your wallet.

  5. Try Anchor protocol comes with good yields

    EEUR on Osmosis Dex has 11% APR and the good thing is that EEUR has real backing and audit by renowned auditing firm Ernst and Young

  6. I stake CTSI on Binance for about 35%APY although it’s just for 30 days. Over 150M CTSI have been staked across the different pools available since the delegation staking launch. You could get up to 40%APY on any of the other pools.

  7. Go on coindix.com to look for better rates. You can see which defi Protocol on which chain is yielding what percent and how much liquidity it has.

    Anchor provides stable 20%, but everything else is variable. Try to avoid super high APYs paid in tokens of unheard of defi protocols.

  8. Try to avoid those APY rates above 30% mate, because it isn’t sustainable and you will probably get screwed one way or another.

    My plan is to collect as many OCEAN as possible, to stake it once Ocean Protocol issues its H2O stablecoin as a reward for staking. I believe it is about 19% APY, and with a concrete solid project like this, it is enough IMO, especially because the OCEAN is really cheap now to buy in the first place.

  9. I think it’s better to just convert to UST & stake for almost 20% APY on Anchor. Basically what I’m using. And then, got others like OUSD, earning from holding & nUSDO staking on the Oindao.

  10. Staking in DeFi is about the APY for me. I have lost some capital chasing APY due to some projects overpromising and underperforming. For now, I am only deep into projects like DAFI, YLD and YFI.

    For DAFI, the 220% of staking 2.0 sounds great to me. I am also excited by the over 30 integrations and partnerships with other ecosystems. I cant wait for that to start reflecting in token value.


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