Currently in Nexo, looking for alternatives with higher APY but not too much risk


I know that Nexo is CeFI. What I like about Nexo is the stability of the platform and their insurance. I use it to get passive income from BTC, ETH, and EUR. It’s also one of the few CeFI platforms allowing you to stake EUR.
I get my rewards in-kind, I’m not sure if I want to hold Nexo tokens, even if it means higher APY.

However, I’m trying to see if I can get a slightly higher APYs with a similar low-risk profile, either from another CeFI or from a reputable DeFI platform. I had bad experiences with PancakeBunny last year, so I don’t have appetite for risk or rug-pulls.


I came across []( (Estonia, which seems to be cracking down on crypto companies) and Haru (Singapore/Hong Kong). Is there any red flag I should be aware of?


What reputable DeFi platforms would you recommend me in alternative with CeFI?

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14 thoughts on “Currently in Nexo, looking for alternatives with higher APY but not too much risk”

  1. You can continue your passive earning with amazing reward on NIIFI platform through the layer 2 bridge that Nahmii protocol provides with a low latency, instant finality and predictable fee aside from the amazing APY returns that NIIFI offers.

  2. If you are so bothered about risk then you should pay attention to DeFi 2.0 like ALBT,which have a range of juicy APYs for passive income in its LM pools.

  3. Padswap’s reward token is backed by 30% which is redeemable at anytime, this percentage is only growing as fees are collected.

    They have a rugproof method which is far superior to token lockers as it works as a farm as well.

    The backing creates a rising price floor and acts as an etf for projects on the padswap exchange. There is a range of APY’s from 5% to 500%+. Although I prefer to use ROI as a more accurate measure, because the APY’s change pretty quickly.

    You can read more about the protocol here

  4. You can stake on DAFI protocol, project offers a 220% APY on all tokens staked and also offers a restake portal where users also have the chance to multiply their tokens by 25% when they choose not to claim their daily rewards

  5. I’m in Nexo, seems to be worth it to go for the platinum if it can achieve 10% Apr on fiat. That way I’ll use it as my main savings account along with traditional stocks and shares ISA (I’m UK based)

  6. The main reason for me to use Nexo is for eurx and earning on that

    No other platofrm let me earn in eur wothout first converting to usd or similar tokens

    I also use cdc for their card and staking

  7. I’ll recommend that you give a check on the UnidoEP product that will be launching with in-app staking. You can join the community beta-testing waitlist so you’re first in best dressed when it goes live with the in-app staking program and feedback rewards.

    Sign up now ===>

  8. I made a long post today describing a stablecoin fund called the Bright Risk Index. It’s based off a real world business model, insurance!

    – Low risk
    – Sustainable returns from 20-30% APY paid in DAI
    – Independent of market conditions (bull or bear)

    Heres the link if you’d like to read it. ✌️

    They don’t have a Reddit sub, but you can join in the Bright Union Telegram, Discord, or find them on Twitter if you have any questions.

  9. NEXO is a huge project and their APY is also looking great. And another project that is also looking great with huge APY is DAFI protocol, with 220% in APY on all tokens staked


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