Cryptojex asking for $40k deposit to withdraw

I’m using’s defi wallet and crpytojex ( to do trades. I tried to make a large withdrawal from cryptojex and now they’re accusing me of money laundering and asking for a $40k deposit. Has anyone experienced this before?

I was able to withdraw a smaller amount of $2000 just fine previously and confirmed I received the funds so not sure what to do here.

Did I get scammed and should I cut my losses and not hand over another $40k?

Edit: here’s the screenshot of me chatting with their customer service

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10 thoughts on “Cryptojex asking for $40k deposit to withdraw”

  1. Dude, you’re literally in the middle of what’s known as “the pig butchering scam.”

    All money you sent them is gone. All profits are fictitious. Give them nothing.

    Sorry for your loss.

  2. It makes no sense for them to ask for more money if they think you’re a criminal. It sounds like they’re just using that as a pretext to scam you

  3. I cannot find one thing about cryptojex being affiliated with []( — and a wallet is decentralized. If it requires a middle man its just a centralized exchange you have an account on

  4. You got scammed, obviously. Don’t give any money. How is this even a question dude? If you’re asking us here “should I hand over another $40k??” then clearly you are in WAY over your head.


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