Crypto Whitelists and Airdrops Listings

We’re developing a web portal for daily and updated listings of Crypto ICO/IDO/Etc Whitelists and Airdrops. You can check the website at [](

It’s an ongoing project that started in Dezember we’re updating it daily and we’ve also improving the website. Right now you have access to daily whitelists and airdrops, search, dark and light mode, mobile version, we’re also working on filters and we’re studying the possibility of adding a NFT Whitelists category, It’s a work in progress for those who are interested.

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1 thought on “Crypto Whitelists and Airdrops Listings”

  1. This is dope! I’ve been hoping something like this would been developed for some time now. Will be very helpful for someone like myself who has a hard time finding airdrops and such. Thanks!


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