Crypto Arbitrage Trading.

Hello Guys; I am a software engineer interested in creating a small profitable trading bot specializing in arbitrage. Is crypto arbitrage trading still a viable strategy in the current market conditions? What other trading strategies are currently used to make small profits that a bot could automate?

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4 thoughts on “Crypto Arbitrage Trading.”

  1. It is viable. Learn about Jaredfromthesubway.eth, he’s making a lot on arbitrage right now.

    To fully use advantage of this you still have to have viable strategy for market condition.

    Sharp drop or sharp rise are always best for arbitrage, so meme coin season is like “tiny bull run” in this case.

  2. Competition is very high but there are several strategies across different DEX (arb between different pools). As personal advice you should use some solid infrastructure and really have a good understanding about the block generation, transaction orders, miners and mempool.

  3. Check out Radix. They will launch smart contracts end of July which means there will be plenty of opportunity and not much competition early on. RC net is already live so you can already start building.

    Best part, it takes only 20h to learn their language Scrypto.

  4. Not possible really. Years ago it was but the market is too liquid and deep now. Too much competition. You’d have to build an insanely good bot to make a relevant profit.


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