Crowdfunding Bum Relaunches with Bitcoin Support & More

Initially launched in 2016, Crowdfunding Bum is excited to announce the launch of the platform’s third iteration. While retaining all the beloved benefits of the previous versions, Crowdfunding Bum’s latest incarnation offers even more game-changing features.


The Crowdfunding space has exploded in popularity over the past ten years, giving countless project creators the financing needed to bring innovative, new products and services to market. Projects that never would have launched under traditional financing methods have gone on to become overnight successes. And while there have been a handful of speed-bumps along the way, the crowdfunding industry shows no signs of slowing down. Crowdfunding Bum is poised to take full advantage of that growth.

Billing itself as ‘Fundraising on autopilot,’ the team behind Crowdfunding Bum has sought to develop a platform that’s easy to use and now easily accessible to people worldwide. Unlike many of its cookie-cutter crowdfunding competitors, Crowdfunding Bum advertises the projects launching on its service more proactively. Likewise, it offers a variety of unique features like free social media outreach and campaign setup assistance.

Those looking to build a crowdfunding campaign on Crowdfunding Bum are required to donate 3% of what they raised to another project of their choice. This ensures a higher success rate among Crowdfunding Bum’s members and cultivates a genuine community among the platform’s members. It also takes the pressure off those launching their project since the burden of finding donors doesn’t fall on their shoulders alone.

Crowdfunding Bum’s commitment to the bum community goes beyond spreading funds among members. It also features a unique WhatsApp chat feature that allows potential backers to message campaign creators. They can ask questions, offer encouragement, or reach out to connect – and get an immediate reply. This takes connection and community to an unparalleled level within the crowdfunding space. And it has the potential for boosting backer confidence and making campaign financial support more successful.

In addition to these great features, Crowdfunding Bum implements one of crowdfunding’s most requested capabilities: acceptance of Bitcoin for those project creators not in Stripe-supported countries.

The past few years have seen cryptocurrency interest soar like never before. Worldwide inflation has caused many people to move toward cryptocurrencies to hedge against such risks. As more people invest in crypto, there are growing opportunities for businesses that accept digital currencies.

Cryptocurrencies make it easier for donors around the world to support crowdfunded projects. Rather than worrying about exchange rates and jumping through the hoops of donating to foreign projects, Crowdfunding Bum makes the process as simple as clicking a button and sharing your wallet address. There are no exorbitant fees to worry about and no red tape to cut through. And thanks to Crowdfunding Bum’s Stripe connectivity, if you prefer regular fiat donations, funds can be instantly moved into the campaigner’s (Stripe-supported) bank account, so they can work on making their project a reality.

Crowdfunding Bum’s third iteration is positioned to fulfill its mission of putting fundraising on autopilot for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

[You can discover more by visiting the Crowdfunding Bum homepage.](

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