Creative and realistic ways to backup and hide your seed phrase?

Most of such content focuses on how risky it is to share the seed phrase and how not to backup. But no one will give any realistic guidance or ideas what are the realistic and good ways to hide and protect your seed phrase.

So, let’s start the ideas going, maybe your own good practice and hope it gives good ways to educate and hints to people what is the proper way of handling your seed phrase. Advises in style “write on paper and put in safe” are not good. Most people don’t have safe’s and would not go to buy it anyhow.

Let’s make the crypto world a bit safer.

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6 thoughts on “Creative and realistic ways to backup and hide your seed phrase?”

  1. Write it down on something. OP says that’s a horrible idea but it really isn’t. Write it down on something. You don’t need to jump through a million hoops. Just write it down on something. The # of places you can store 12 words around your house is basically endless. Just do it.

    This is easy for me. I collect physical items. Thousands of vinyl records, hundreds of DVD/BD, hundreds of comic books, hundreds of manga, and laptops dating back to like 2004. Hiding 12 words is an absolute breeze.

    Plus microSD cards are like smaller than my pinky finger nail. They can be taped to things in places nobody would ever look.

  2. I like USB flash memory.

    Many people will say that USBs are unsafe because they eventually break, but a handful of memory sticks cost less than a large pizza, and the chances of them all breaking at the same time are rather slim.

    If you check that you are able to open the files like once a year, and you have 5 copies, you are pretty safe.

    You do need to make extra sure that the computer you attach those USBs to is not infected with something malicious, but there are ways to do that.

  3. Etch it on metal….back of a picture frame, inside of a closet door hinge(underneath,have to remove the hinge to see), inside of a plant pot below the dirt line, bottom of a lamp, inside of AC filter door….


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