Creating pool and initial liquidity funding

When creating a new pool you put in the intial liquidity

What is this starting value for?

If i start with $10000, is that the pool liquidity so thats the amount of user swaps at any given time?

Until others also contribute “invest” in my pool to increase its liquidity?

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3 thoughts on “Creating pool and initial liquidity funding”

  1. Yes whatever you add will be the total liquidity, until others add to it. you can also set the initial swap ration between the two tokens

  2. If you start with 10k people will only be able to swap super tiny amounts (<$100) with low slippage. You have the right idea though.

  3. Yeah, the amount of liquidity you have would determine how much people would be able to swap at a time. You could run a liquidity mining program or LP staking to encourage more persons to grow the pool overtime.
    LP staking is quite fun, got into it recently with FUFU


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