Comparing the realized performance of multiple DeFi Strategies

Hey guys,

We’re working on this mvp (called [DeFi Returns]( to allow investors to compare multiple DeFi strategies’ **realized performance, not estimated APY.**

This is in beta, pls don’t mind the UX challenges while using it.


We’re looking for feedback and more insight on what DeFi Investors would like to see.

\- If you have invested in DeFi strategies in the past, what else would you like to know about a certain investment?
\- What is the most pressing challenge you have now while investing in DeFi?
\- What are we missing?

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4 thoughts on “Comparing the realized performance of multiple DeFi Strategies”

  1. If you have invested in DeFi strategies in the past, what else would you like to know about a certain investment?

    * ok, I see the realized performance, but I’d like to see more info about smart contract security / strategy risk

    most pressing challenge

    * it’s hard for me to track the accumulated performance of my wallets. Zapper does a good job showing the current position, but doesn’t show historical data
    * it’s also hard to manage risk! How much of my assets are exposed to market vol? How much of my investments are principal protected? I had to create a spreadsheet that probably everybody else has to create

    what are you missing:

    * It’d be nice to show where these numbers come from
    * IMO allowing users to connect their wallets and see their own performance plotted in time would add more utility to the application. Tracking returns for multi sigs would be a killer feature for DAOs!

  2. Nice tool! I miss some elements:
    1) Link to the strategy website
    2) Others filters other than base asset: Network or Protocol for example
    3) A description of the strategy and a description of the way that you calculate the reward would be nice

  3. What is “historical returns”? APR, APY, or sth else calculated in token value or in usd value?
    Why is the list not sorted?
    Why is there no proper filtering? (look at to see what is needed)
    Where are the DEXes Liquidity Pairs?

    Also, you are in need of a designer, or at least use one of the bootstrap or similar front-end templates for sale.

  4. Hey! We’ve tried this in the past here:

    We’re focusing on other areas of the product right now but happy to hop on a call to chat and provide guidance. We’ve done a bit of user research as well which we’d be happy to share.

    Feel free to shoot a dm if you’re interested or message me on twitter – @0xdecefi


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