Community Call #41

In this episode, host is joined by Houston, Leone and Andrew of [Perpetual Protocol]( to talk about $USDC fee sharing, result of the snapshot vote, Christmas campaign 12 days of giving and more.


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**Product Updates**

* Added $USDC as a new collateral.
* There’s about 30,000 $USDC deposited already with a total cap of 1M.
* $USDC fee sharing will start on December 22nd.


**Marketing and Partnerships**

* Currently hosting a Christmas campaign to celebrate the holidays and give back to the community for 12 days.
* There will be a new task everyday to complete and revealed at 12PM UTC.
* After completing the task, users will get to claim a NFT.
* If users complete all 12 tasks and get all 12 NFTs, they will get a Masterpiece Winter Wonderland NFT and additional 12 entries to the lucky draw.
* Had a [Twitter space]( with [Steer Protocol]( and its CEO, Derek Barrera.
* The next big event is the Gartic Phone Edition #2 this coming Saturday at 12PM UTC.


**Team and Ecosystem Updates**

* They just hit 130k unique traders.
* Governance vote has passed for a fee sharing split.
* The passing of vote will allow the distribution of total trading fees to 80% liquidity providers, 15% to $vePERP holders and 5% to the DAO treasury.
* Conducting user interviews to get feedback and perspectives from the community.
* The Perpetual Protocol Grants Committee has received 5 new proposals for November 2022 and two of them got approved which are Unison looking to build a basis strategy for the $ETH market on perp and a Rust CLI for interacting with Perp and maintenance for the CLI and PyPerp SDK.


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