Community building for NFT Projects

I am excited about the next [Fiat24 – Web3 Banking Concept]( event on July 14th, live on our Twitter Spaces. I will be speaking to [Yasi Zhang]( and [Ivana Mitrovic]( of [Promote and Scale]( about the hot topic of NFT Community Building.

Communities in the NFT space cannot be underestimated, and I am excited to have a 1 hour discussion with the two co-founders of Promote and Scale, a [\#web3]( marketing agency based in the heart of Crypto Valley with an expertise and passion for blockchain, NFTs, and startups.

Join us as we share our pro tips for effectively building communities for your NFT projects. The Twitter space will be held directly on the Fiat24 Twitter account, so see you there!

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5 thoughts on “Community building for NFT Projects”

  1. Thank you for the invitation. It’s exciting to hear discussions like this. If you’ve heard of Telos Network, you’re probably aware of their ongoing marketing of the MissionNFT event for creators. This is a competition to display your (artists) best NFT in the market. The top five best arts will each receive 25,000 TLOS, with the TOP 1 receiving an additional 50,000 TLOS. That’s thousand of bucks, too. Don’t miss it.

    To add, Telos is one of the blockchains that supports the web3 foundation and is regarded as a trustworthy network because it hasn’t experienced any downtime since its 2018 launch. has a transaction cost of almost nothing and a block time of just 0.5 seconds. Therefore, I believe that this will benefit developers who intend to run their projects on this blockchain.

    Nevertheless, I will send your invitations to the Telos community, and I hope they will be able to attend as well.

  2. Thanks for the links, But I am seeing a rise in privacy projects like secret network as they have a huge community too and this is where even Kevin smith planned to launch a movie too.

  3. Interested in their opinion of the AngelBlock collection, I hope they will give the opportunity to ask questions

    Or perhaps there is an opportunity to ask questions in advance so they can prepare?

  4. Communities in NFTs are just getting started properly, NFTs market is young af..I think there will be a lot more adoption with NFTs with utility like AngelBlock..Combining art with earning and perks is utility thats needed..


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