Coinbereau Recent Review of Secret Network

Secret Network is the first cryptocurrency blockchain to offer completely private smart contracts. This means that all smart contract inputs and outputs are completely encrypted. Transactions made on Secret Smart Contracts cannot even be viewed by the nodes running the Secret Network blockchain.
Secret Network believes that this balance of transparency and privacy is what is required for cryptocurrency to achieve mainstream adoption. It also unlocks multiple use-cases for cryptocurrency that were previous unavailable due to their transparent blockchains which could reveal sensitive information.

Thanks to the @coinbureau research team for their latest review of Secret!

“Secret Network may just be one of the most important projects in the cryptocurrency space… a protocol that has found that balance between transparency and privacy.”

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1 thought on “Coinbereau Recent Review of Secret Network”

  1. My favourite bits of the article:

    * …their calling card is really on the privacy end, which is what makes it unique in the blockchain space”
    * “Almost every other cryptocurrency has a completely public record of all transactions and balances.” that’s why SCRT has found a good formula between transparency and privacy
    * “The brilliance of Secret Network is that its SCRT token is completely transparent whereas any actions involving Secret tokens or Secret Contracts are completely private. It is now possible to turn to regulators and say, “you can see how much money I put in and how much money I take out, but what I do with that money inside that network is none of your business”.”


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