Can’t Be Evil > Don’t Be Evil: The Importance of DeFi Structured Products

At Index Coop, we believe strongly in the importance of onchain DeFi products

With that in mind, we’d like to share some things that give us confidence in our trustless structured on-chain DeFi products.

Check out our [blog]( post for a full breakdown on each of 6 ways true DeFi is built different that makes a collapse like FTX’s impossible

1. You can self-custody all Index Coop products

2. Index Coop products are fully collateralized

3. Index Coop products are redeemable for the underlying tokens

4. Index Coop products are verifiably liquid

5. Index Coop products are immutable and built on smart contracts

6. Index Coop products are accessible and simple to use

Index Coop products make DeFi accessible to ordinary people. It’s in our mission statement: We make DeFi simple, secure and accessible.

By abstracting away complexity & active management from sophisticated crypto strategies and consolidating them into single ERC-20 tokens, Index Coop products make it simple to get exposure to the best of #DeFi

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