Can you use keystone generated wallet with metamask?

I want to generate my wallet words on the keystone device (offline) in that case will I still be able to use it with metamask? In the online tutorials the wallet words are generated with metamask (online) so not safe and then the wallets binded. I want to generate them on keystone, but still be able to initiate transactions with metamask and then sign them with keystone and send back.

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1 thought on “Can you use keystone generated wallet with metamask?”

  1. Yes I use my keystone with Metamask all private key generated separately. However, if you do this from scratch you still have to create a new address with MM. I don’t know why they do this, it’s a MM issue not keystone, but you don’t even have to record the key since you are adding your keystone account separately. Once complete add keystone account via air gapped setup and never use the MM account.
    If you don’t like this there are plenty of other keystone supported options that might not suffer from this MM bug.


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