Buy crypto anonymous without KYC and cc?

If you wanna buy crypto, you mostly need a KYC and pay with credit card or bank transfer or sth like that.
But that’s not anonymous. Is there a good and trustworthy way, without KYC and a bank account to buy crypto?
For example using paysafecards or similar.

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6 thoughts on “Buy crypto anonymous without KYC and cc?”

  1. Kyc is required by fincen regulations to prevent fraud which let me tell you there is a lot of. Source: I run a crypto on-ramp for credit cards.

  2. I pray that one day you can buy a *USDC* gift card like how you can buy a pre-paid Visa gift card. Once you’re in the ecosystem, you’re in it and can move around without KYC. Getting into it, like OP said, is the tough part.

  3. buy in cash via otc dealers


    right now many of them aren’t even charging %, if you buy enough they’ll actually pay YOU to buy the crypto from them


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