Business benefits of Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

**Transparency:** Each and every transaction that takes place on the public Ethereum blockchain gets verified and broadcasted by others on the network. This ensures a high level of transparency around data transactions and facilitates enriched data analysis, it also ensures the network availability for every user. Both Ethereum and Defi were built with open-source code that anyone can audit, view, and build upon.     

**Inclusive and Permissionless:** The Defi service can be accessed by anyone who has a crypto wallet and internet connection regardless of their geography. They don’t have any minimum value for fund deposits. So what next? With your Defi platform, you can grab more users who don’t want to wait for bank transfers or to pay fees. Users can easily swift their assets and trades where they want. 

**Programmability:** Highly programmable smart contracts that are designed with the potential to execute automatically based on an infinitely variable number. This program enables a new development of digital assets and financial instruments.

**Self-Custody:** Using non-custodial crypto wallets Defi users can take custody of the crypto assets with (My Ether Wallet, Metamask, Coinomi, & Exodus) or via a smart contract-based Escrow security system. 

**Immutability:** Decentralized Finance has an architecture that is tamper-proof and has data coordination beyond a decentralized blockchain. It increases both audibility and security.  

**Interoperability:** a composable software stack of the Ethereum network which ensures the Defi protocols and applications are built integrated. The advantage of Defi is having an existing protocol, an integrated third-party app, and some customized interfaces.  

**Real-time Transactions:** With Defi, the transactions happen in real-time where at any moment the transaction is completed an underlying Blockchain is immediately updated. And interest can be updated every minute after transactions.

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  1. Yes, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has many advantages for businesses, as outlined in the post. However, it is essential to note that as with any new technology, there are also potential risks and security concerns that must be addressed.

    That’s why it’s important to work with reputable networks like Oasis, which can [provide added security measures for DeFi platforms]( The Oasis Network utilizes advanced privacy and security features, such as confidential smart contracts and secure enclaves, to help protect against hacks and other security threats.


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