BSC & Polygon – Low-Cost Staking Solution: DAFI PROTOCOL

Gas fees, Gas fees, and Gas fees!!! πŸ€”πŸ˜

For many of us in the Defi space, after the recent increase in activity on the Ethereum blockchain, the thought about high gas fees for transactions on the Ethereum blockchain often comes to mind.
In this piece, we’ll talk briefly about low-cost staking solutions, like [DAFI Protocol]( and how they help address that problem.

Dafi protocol presents a unique approach towards staking by
rewarding stakers based on network adoption & demand. This means that DAFI rewards you later when network demand is greater. This DAFI approach is unique in that no other Defi project to date is known that has effectively used such a simple, yet effective approach to encourage long-term holders. Users can use low-cost solutions like Polygon and the Binance Smart Chain to perform staking transactions at near-zero gas prices.

Of course, there are many staking services available, however, DAFI Protocol is different, as they appear to be building the internet of staking by allowing other blockchain networks to adopt their dToken technology.

Feel free to read more about DAFI Protocol on their [website]( and [Twitter]( your comments guys on this are welcomed.

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1 thought on “BSC & Polygon – Low-Cost Staking Solution: DAFI PROTOCOL”

  1. Really cool to see one of the greatest projects under my radar, completing the 3 chains integrations.
    With BSC polygon Ethereum bridge and all the 3 connected pools active the mass adoption will be reached during the 2022. Good luck $DAFI Protocol ⭐


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