bridge BTC directly to Optimism

Hello! So I was wondering if there is a possibility to bridge (or wrap) BTC directly to Optimism. Or for that matter any other ETH L2 sollution.

I am looking for a way to utilize my BTC in some defi protocol but to minimise bridging and all other fees.

Tnx in advance

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8 thoughts on “bridge BTC directly to Optimism”

  1. edit: ignore everything i said. there’s no liquidity for renBTC on Arbitrum or Polygon

    i don’t think it’s currently possible to bridge BTC directly to Optimism

  2. I might not be familiar enough with optimism, but if it’s on the ethereum mainnet, couldn’t you just use to swap from native btc to erc20 assets, including Aave, which is explicitly an optimism asset.

  3. Do you have some good projects for gaming? I am really tired of those difficult projects where you need to invest, I just wanna relax

  4. They are many DeFi protocol you can actually use, like cryptodotcom, Celcius, blockbank and Nexus, but I basically use blockbank the most because of the easiness to stake other coins like BTC, ETH, BNB, BBANK and others, with good returns which comes weekly and consistently.


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