Breakout last 2 days in decentralized trading platforms (GMX, Gains..)

(Disclosure: I have exposure to both protocols mentioned. But not encouraging anyone else to invest.)

GMX 75

Gains 7.3

Both all time highs. Amazing!

Also the Gains GNS pools were $52+93m yesterday (or max 36 hrs ago), now $63+111m.

Some big money entered these recently?

While generating organic revenue from fees + trader losses (rather than token inflation) is the main selling point of these, I see regulatory crackdowns and some exceptional trader wins as risks. IIRC both have undoxxed teams.

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2 thoughts on “Breakout last 2 days in decentralized trading platforms (GMX, Gains..)”

  1. Regulators seem to be busy with much bigger fish, but GNS will definitely be on their radar as an unregulated exchange offering leveraged US stocks and US indices


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