Breaking news in the world of crypto analytics Data Integration and [](

Nansen is a blockchain analytics platform that enriches on-chain data with millions of wallet labels. Crypto investors use Nansen to discover opportunities, perform due diligence and defend their portfolios with real-time dashboards and alerts.

To date, Nansen’s platform has been primarily self-built and self-managed, relying mostly on in-house blockchain data. Nansen is making []( data feeds some of the first outside data Nansen will be incorporating into the platform. Roadmap includes plans to move towards a more permissionless system that allows DeFi protocols to easily build integrations to access standardized profit and loss tracking.

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  1. As a team member at []( I can say this is great recognition for the work the team has been putting in. Our aim is to keep building so we can provide great data to our users and to our enterprise clients like Nansen!


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