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Hello guys, recently I discovered the BNB Defi with an 8% daily reward!. It is pretty awesome, the contract is above 35000 BNB (14,000,000$). There is a 3% deposit fee, but after that, there will be a great profit. The strategy for this project to stay alive is to do a 6:1 or 27:1 strategy. These strategies are pretty simple, just re-compound for 6 days(or 27days) and then cash out the 7-th day. In that period of time, you will generate more money in the contract and so you will get more money daily. The project has a strong community and it’s rising like crazy. No matter what time you get, there always be great rewards for you, the developers said. So if you have any questions just message me. Here is the link to the Defi: [

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  1. You’ve come in here to a DeFi reddit and not explain the how what where when why of the DApp hoping for people who will join your referral link so you can get 12% deposit bonus.

    Nice try Isis.

    Key facts:
    – Initial investment locked (cannot withdraw)

    – Returns are based on TVL and UP TO 8%

    – One of MANY forks of the same nature on different blockchains.


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