Bloomify Platform on BSC and soon FTM launch.

Hi everyone. I just wanted to share a project called ***Bloomify*** which is an ***Advanced Yield Optimizer*** it has launched on BSC 2 weeks ago and will be launching on Fantom network today.

The project has had a full audit by Peckshield ( [ )

This Advanced Yield Optimizer has been built to mainly help protect users and also projects in a way. It allows users to deposit Lps and automate the profit taking on the rewards into Stablecoins. Like the image below for example.

[Profit Taker example ](

This allows the user to take profit no matter what is happening with the market. Along with the ability to take profit you have access to more tools that can help users build out a portfolio and protect it.


[Tools for Portfolio growth.](

The platform is built for new defi users and advanced users. There will be something for everyone on the platform.

Many other Yield Optimizers allow users to autocompound high inflation tokens which is great but it is always up to the user to sell – and if you are like me then this is always hard to do and end up getting left with a worthless token.

Bloomify allows you to accumulate high inflation tokens to a degree but having the ability to set take profit on allows me to build up a stablecoin bag to either DCA into it on drops or focus on another coin.

Again it is a great platform to have on your side if you are involved with Defi as it focuses on helping the user.

You can find more info on their reddit account – [

***\*\*This is of course not financial advice and like all platforms in defi they are always going to be risks involved so make sure you read documents and fully understand what the platform does.***

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