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For two days now I try to figure out how blockchain bridges work and I have that one question which I coulnd’t find an answer to. How does the bridge communicates with the to networks? How does the smart contract on the one platform knows when to unlock tokens when they get frozen on the other chain? Thx for your help!

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  1. That’s why it’s a bridge
    The transaction entails linking tokens from one network to the other that’s it basically
    And it’s programmed that way Atleast I won’t bother too much about that
    What are you tryna bridge

  2. L1 to other L1, or generic cross-chain bridges rely on a network of nodes that watch smart contracts on all connected chains for deposits and issue withdrawals on the receiver chains. The consensus of operators run the bridge and communicate between blockchains.

    L1 to L2 bridges are different. They don’t rely on external operators, everything is done through smart contracts on the L1.

    This website shows a detailed risk analysis of existing bridges: [](


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