Blockbank’s updated plan has made things much more intriguing.

The team has just revealed a detailed road plan for this Q2, and it looks quite promising.

I believe this is the first time I’ve heard of fiat staking; it’s great for new users since all they have to do is deposit fiat and stake it to gain rewards, but I prefer staking crypto, and I was excited to see new tokens like $ORION, $DVDX, and $UFI, and I believe more will be introduced soon.

The new AMM backed by Blockbank Labs has a promising future because it is going multichain with different farms and pools, all with tempting returns on BBANK LP, and users may even participate in DAO using BBANK LP tokens.

On May 1st, a virtual debit card will be accessible, followed by a physical debit card.

AI robo is coming to the app, bringing new services like as new project alerts, APY alerts, scam alert, news, rug-pulls, and perhaps additional features that we aren’t aware of .

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5 thoughts on “Blockbank’s updated plan has made things much more intriguing.”

  1. I did download blockbank app after I saw them going gaga on twitter. Unfortunately, their debit card isn’t accessible for users outside EU countries. Fiat staking sounds like a real deal, but I don’t know how this will play out in terms of adoption. I also would love to see some tokens here; Astr, Axl Inu and Cake.


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