Bitcoin Cash Smart Contracts ‘Comparable to Those on Ethereum’ Possible via May Upgrade, ‘1000x Efficiency Advantage’: Dev Jason Dreyzehner

>Ethereum developers can think of Bitcoin Cash as featuring transaction-level sharding of both data and execution, account abstraction, deterministic gas pricing, all-or-nothing transaction chaining, zero-delay re-spending, a wider selection of MEV-resistance strategies, and no-fee contract deployment – user wallets both “deploy” and “destroy” contracts incrementally as part of their usage, improving overall network throughput and real-world privacy. All of this exists at “layer 1”, with exceptionally low-bandwidth transactions, low-resource archival nodes, ever-improving scalability (already 25,000 transactions per second on modest, 2020 hardware), and multiple strategies for “layer 2” systems if needed (e.g. Lightning Network would be more bandwidth-efficient on Bitcoin Cash than on BTC).

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