Binance CZ destroyed SBF, now he’s probably also going down as another shady CEO

I don’t like to see big people in crypto fighting each other. But Binance’s CEO brought it to himself. He clearly had a major impact in FTX going down and actively worked on destroying his rival exchange.

But guess what, SBF knew it and is counter attacking with everything to show the world every shady thing CZ did. Fuck around, find out.

CZ should’ve kept his mouth shut or at least not be such a pos.

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9 thoughts on “Binance CZ destroyed SBF, now he’s probably also going down as another shady CEO”

  1. He’s just keeping his mouth shut or the worst-case scenario will be realized. This may be an expensive curveball, but this gave us good buying opportunity and more time to DMOR on DEXes like AshSwap. I wouldn’t blame him for what happened to FTX, even if there was a hint of malice in publicly ratting out FTX.

  2. That’s ridiculous. I mean if you read Mr. Ray’s statement – the book-keeping was criminally negligent, they treated FTX like Alameda’s piggy bank, printed money to collateralize stuff. CZ just front ran their eventual collapse and hinted that they might be insolvent. It’s like blaming a match for burning down the Victorian era tinder factory.

  3. But SBF and friends was already laundering money (buying shell companies that didn’t even exist), bribing politicians (if you don’t remember, he was pushing for a regulation that treats DEXs the same as CEXs and that is not good), using customer funds for gambling on high leverage loans and trading and so on. What CZ did had a huge impact, yes, but it also revealed what bad things SBF and company was doing to destroy crypto. If CZ didn’t do what he did, the impact of SBF and company’s bad actions in the long run would have been worse that what happened. I’m not saying CZ is a good guy but SBF is worse. Go touch some grass so you can think clearly.


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