Beware of deposit scams / Example

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Recently, a random account deposited a large amount of coins of a barely identifiable coin into my account. I suspect that somehow they got my wallet address from one of the airdrop bots I participated in. Just posting this so other people can see what a somewhat common scam in crypto looks like. Basically, you might now try to find info on this coin somewhere and get on a random website. In fact, this website then rips your data or is straight up a phishing site, which is where the scam magic then happens.

Beware of such things – best is to ignore it! As in this case, they are often pretty obvious

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  1. It’s called dust attack or just spam.

    Common practice, you’ll see more if this if you participate more in Defi, i got like 200 different shitcoins airdropped since 2020


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