Best trading strategy for an inexperienced crypto user

Looking into investing in crypto, but not sure where to start. I would like something that doesn’t require a ton of work, but can generate a steady (even if it’s not a ton) profit. I also want something that isn’t super risky, if that even exists. I’ve been into crypto for about a month or two, I know the basics but would like your experience as it could help me a lot.

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6 thoughts on “Best trading strategy for an inexperienced crypto user”

  1. Just don’t put all your eggs in one basket. A lot of crypto things when belly up, including some institutions deemed to be very safe, FTX, Celsius or UST for example.

  2. I did really well swing trading $uni right after their airdrop in 2020. I sold for about $6 then bought back in at $3 and kept selling at $4 and buying at $3. Worked for a few months until the price suddenly shot up to a price I didn’t believe in. I took the profits and splashed into other stuff and got a bunch of other airdrops from that

  3. Stay simple for a start. Just staking can be fine. Let’s say you got in with the AI hype and bought into say FET or OCEAN, you can easily stake either via official staking pools onchain or even through exchanges like Binance or defi platforms like MyContainer.


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