Best Staking Coins In 2022 Compared

In order to invest in a coin with staking capabilities, users will need to find one that is built on a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain network, or something similar. As we look into the new year and the potential passive income opportunities, the following guide explores and compares the best staking coins 2022: [Top 5 Best Staking Coins 2022](

* ETH 2.0 (ETH)
* Polkadot (DOT)
* Tezos (XTZ)
* SushiSwap (SUSHI)
* Cardano (ADA)

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11 thoughts on “Best Staking Coins In 2022 Compared”

  1. You might want to Add ALBT to this comparison too.
    Their LMaaS solution have been amazing.
    And more projects are beginning to launch their own liquidity campaign using the Allianceblock solution

  2. I’m comfortable with the BlockBank ecosystem, staking my stables there is easy, as well as Eth and Btc. Ride is what I’m staking next once the metastaking plan is released by the team.

  3. This is a very solid list. I’ve got ETH and ADA fr.this list staked to earn some passive income. Some other projects that I’ve staked and I’m earning good from are PKR, SYLO, MATIC, ICONS.

  4. yeah I’m still staking XTZ on the Sylo wallet for 6% which is okay for me, but they are other good staking pools for different coin which I’ve participated in. Like staking AXS on binance at 115% for 3month and staking SYLO for an Apy around 70% which is still running. Anyways mate that a good article gracias.

  5. DAFI is the best staking project with a 220% of APY on staking on the V2 super staking, project also offers a restake portal where users have the chance to multiply their tokens by 25% when they choose not to claim their daily reward


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