Best current ways to earn APY from WBTC?

I have a bit of WBTC – which projects or platforms would you recommend to consider to earn solid APY in interest from this?

Better to leave as WBTC or convert back to BTC?

Really looking for places where I can maintain custody if possible, but open to hearing any and all ideas.

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9 thoughts on “Best current ways to earn APY from WBTC?”

  1. This. 1.2% on instadapp isn’t cutting it. Don’t know where to go since badger stopped their vault. I assume best strat will have something to do with borrowing usdc against the wbtc?

  2. There is no free lunch when it comes to (W)BTC.

    If there would be lucrative was to get % on your BTC that is widely considered as save, everyone would do it.

    If you dont need the money right know my best guess would be:
    Bring it to aave, lend stable against it. Buy wbtc from that. Put that new BTC also as collateral.
    This is called “folding”. A self-build leverage.

    Then you monitor the position and wait (for BTC price going to the moon.)

    If you think 2023 will be a sideways market, a WBTC/stable pool would be the best for earning some fee. Educate yourself about “Impermanent Loss”

    On both strategies you don’t really know how much % you make upfront. And there is risk involved.
    Keep in mind, there is no risk-free BTC generating deposit thingy out there

  3. Some time ago I stopped using WBTC, now I use BTC.b (bridging BTC to the Avalanche network) I use steakhut vaults and TDJ pools to get from 2 to 5% APY rewards.


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