Best chain for Gamefi

Recently, I got to know about play to earn games on blockchain was wondering which is the most reliable chain or the most common chain on which people build their decentralised games.
It would be really great if you can also recommend some games that you guys might have found interesting on any chain.

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4 thoughts on “Best chain for Gamefi”

  1. Then go for BSC. Most of the metaverse games are connected to the BSC. You might also want to look at Gamifi. An IDO launchpad where you can find metaverse projects.

  2. Lots of investment in Gamefi and web3 gaming in Solana. Upcoming games that look appealing include Star Atlas, Stepn, Aurory, DefiLand, Botborgs, Elementies, Photo Finish Racing, Jambo Mambo, Genopets, BR1, ChainMyth, Cinder, Galactic Fight League, MetaOps, Laddercaster, Mini Royale, Nyan Heroes, Rogue Star, Psyker and more. Check out []( marketplace (twitch cofounder and google drive founder gaming nft marketplace) Other big players like FTX have [invested millions in funds]( for Solana gaming.


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