Best BTC-ETH Liquidity Pool?

I was wondering if anyone knew of any good BTC-ETH liquidity pools on a reputable platform.

I’m currently using Midas to get 13 and 18% but I’d rather put it into a defi liquidity pool if the rates are similar. It’s not that I don’t trust Midas, I just prefer not to use centralized exchanges if possible.

Appreciate the help!

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9 thoughts on “Best BTC-ETH Liquidity Pool?”

  1. Rimswap on Oasis is giving approx 50% on BTC-ETH and is audited by paladin. Not sure how long that APR will last though.

  2. You’re not accumulating on me. Good luck. Support BCH and ATM liquidity not just OTC. TOP up XCH it’s better than BTC or ETH. Wasting time with ETH fees. Even some professional capital are moving to MATIC. Put your BTC in tzBTC/uBTC if your about it on defi.

  3. This Topic was must on this plateform and I must say you should checkout u/StellaSwap because its hyped providing huge APY on staking you can ake good profit while other prices fall, They’ve introduced their Risk-free ETH farms only few days ago, and StellaSwap was the hottest DEX on u/Moonbeam network in their initial stages, and now just heard about its hotBit that u/Stellaswap has been officially listed on hotBit, Team u/StellaSwapis going to Paris for submit week, hopeing for a new achievement ahead.


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