Beethoven X – November Town Hall

In this podcast, [Beethoven X]( conducts a town hall with [Souvlaki]( to discuss monthly performance reports, reliquary and boosted pool update, new social science study and more.


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**October Recap**

* FTX fallout caused a shockwave across the market.
* [Andre Cronje]( returned to [Fantom]( then made an article about the treasury details of Fantom and other things.


**November Performance**

* Highest volume and fees since July.
* The community’s vote to accept and go ahead with the formation of the Beethoven X non-profit LLC which is a huge milestone.
* TVL growth is driven by uncertainty around who is under the FTX contagion.
* $OP tokens for the month of November was just under 10,000 tokens which is approximately $10,000 of $OP incentives were issued.
* Looking at the last 14 days of November, the performance of BEETs has been much stronger.
* On the most recent 14 day chart, BEETs is outperforming [Curve]( and is about on par with [Uniswap](
* $24,000 of the net flow that went into Treasury DAO has gone into Steady Beets, Boosted pool.
* On the October update, the treasury was down 12% and has recovered to 4%.
* In the past 16 weeks, transparency is becoming a hot topic and more important.


**Product Updates**

* Byte Masons is in the process of rolling out their first multi-strategy in the next few weeks.
* Collaborated with 2 projects in Optimism over the last 6 weeks to get their contracts up and ready and prepare them to deploy additional pools.
* Working on the front-end of the integration of Reliquary.

**Other News**

* The problem that [Balancer]( has is there’s a bunch of salaries that they need to pay and the money for that comes from the 25% of the protocol revenue.


**New Social Science Study**

* There is a massive lack of studies in DeFi on what keeps users attached to protocols beyond financial incentives.
* Sports and games are really good examples to understand the power of social bonding.
* The concept of identity fusion helps explain what turns people into fans and what makes fans attached to their biases.
* The feeling of being connected with others, taking care of others and being cared for by others within the community are creating the feeling of oneness.
* It is about personal and social identities and perceives it as highly permeable.
* They will use identity fusion to conduct a study on DeFi protocols and chains like Optimism to analyze the behavior of people.
* Fostering user retention engagement is one of the things to do with this study.


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