Beefy and Trust Wallet friendship ended?

Hello, I had a beefy vault connected using a trust wallet. Last time I could connect to it maybe two weeks ago. Now I can’t even see a trust wallet under “connect your wallet” button. So is it over now or can I withdraw crypto back using some sort of reverse engineering the app? Or is it just a bug or a broken update? I didn’t get any message that they will stop supporting trust wallet. I tried to connect on two different devices and updated to the last app version so it is not a client side problem.

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1 thought on “Beefy and Trust Wallet friendship ended?”

  1. If its the same problem that I have, it is because of the Android version. I cannot use Beefy with any wallet on my tablet anymore. I believe it has to do with how wallets try to inject the “ethereum” variable into the javascript. However, WalletConnect still works fine for me. Go to WalletConnect in the Trust wallet settings.


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