Be part of LEVERFI’s growth program, the TRADERS INCENTIVES PROGRAM

LEVERFI has launched one of its growth programs.

The Traders Incentive Program is open to all cryptocurrency traders. Trading on the LeverFi platform now entitles traders to a share of the USD 60,000 Reward Pool as part of the public beta launch celebration. The program will run for three months.

To be eligible for the Trade Month’s Reward Pool, you must trade at least $100 USD in that month. Users who qualify will be ranked according to how much they traded during each Trade Month. The Monthly Reward Pool will be divided as follows each month:

* 1st place: 4,000 USDC
* 2nd place: 2,500 USDC
* 3rd place: 1,500 USDC
* 4th place: 1,000 USDC
* 5th place: 500 USDC
* All other qualifying users share in the remaining reward pool of 10,500 USDC based on each user’s qualifying trade volume as a proportion of total qualifying trading volumes (excluding trading volume from the top 5 winners).


Try out its features as their beta goes live one Ethereum!



You can read more it’s features and more details about the program by reading this:


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