AVAX missing from metamask

Hello guys,

I had a something like 3$ of avax in my metamask missing this is my adress 0x9271Ebc123034af25949aF81C11cA80cFBBe20AB


As youn can see in the last three transactions they unstaked my xjoe form the farm and they then transferred my leftover avax to this adress 0x23ed1F678d79559a8575e80D61056399632e74E1


This isnt the first time this has happened about 15 days ago some1 removed my ftm-tomb lp from the tomb finance cemetery and the transferred my ftm to another adress

Strage facts:

1)Both times they only transferred my avax/ftm and not the other tokens

2)They unstaked my xjoe from the xjoe farm and did nothing with it


I have a new wallet, Im just trying to figure out what is the source of all this. I have stored my recovery phrase on paper and never gave it to anyone. I can only remember that I may have entered a scam version of tomb from google search but when I see the google links the only non-blue(visited sites) are the official tomb site so idk, what might be the reason.

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3 thoughts on “AVAX missing from metamask”

  1. Won’t be relevant tbh. It’s probably something you clicked and accepted unknowingly. This wallet is compromised, no point of keeping it.

  2. You didn’t change your wallet after the first hack??!!!!

    You either keep clicking malicious links, or have malware on your system, or did enter your seedphrase and just don’t want to admit it, or don’t realize it was entered in a shady site/interaction.

    Someone is controlling your wallet and it’s not you.


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