Automatic stable investments

As someone who primarily invests in stable coins, trying to chase farms with the best yields is a full time and exhausting job. Tools like, []( and others are extremely helpful.

HOWEVER, I want to hear about solutions that automatically do this. I want to invest my USD and the platform automatically invests in the best opportunities for me.

Some potential solutions for this:

* OUSD ([
* OneRing ([
* Midas.Investments ([
* []( ([
* [Yearn.Finance]( (APY not so good)
* [](


Anyone familiar with any other solutions? I am also aware of Anchor Protocol of course.

Ultimately, I want diversify across all of these types of platforms. The more of them that exist, the better.

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12 thoughts on “Automatic stable investments”

  1. OUSD remains my best bet in this space, when it comes to stablecoin. OUSD gives free automatic yield in the wallet, which is second to none. Interestingly, one does not really need to stake not lock the stable before being entitled to this passive income. Once you have OUSD in the bag, Automatic it is!

  2. Are you aware of Spool finance? Everything there is equally automated. You can take your time to look at it. Might suit your request.

  3. The highest stable apy, with auto-compounding, you can get now is on anchor and Midas.Investments. Later this year will launch and u will be able to get 30% apy using anchor+kinect.

  4. I have been doing more staking with my stables and they will turn out well.

    Blockbank offers 10% APY for staking USDT and USDC.

  5. Maybe you can also try to check some new upcoming projects like Teneo, I think this is a good one too since it lets you earn by just safely hodling.

  6. The simplest and competitive platform I know is with nice up to 18% returns on stablecoins. For a hands off approach I believe it’s a great option.

    For more complex and substantially higher returns there is specially because of its leveraged options up to 6.5x (risky but huge yield booster!!!) on it’s yield farming tools. Borrowing and lending options also could be interesting for diversification purposes.

    Hope to be of any help 🙂

  7. I share this sentiment with you. Discovering farming and staking projects can be very exhausting. This explains why I haven’t been exploring since I came in contact with DAFI , APYFinance and YLD.

    I got early on DAFI V2 staking when the APY was around 157%. Even now that the market is bleeding, the 220% super staking option is my next phase on growing my bag.


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