Are DeFi related coins the future of blockchains?

In recent weeks, the word on everyone’s mind has been DeFi. DeFi is bringing more utility to the Ethereum blockchain, is that why ETH is reaching 2020 highs? DeFi is bringing more people into cryptocurrency, is that why Bitcoin (BTC) broke $11,000? Is DeFi just a buzzword? Is it worth my time trying to figure out how to become a yield farmer? Did I miss the boat on Compound? Can I still make a profit with YFI?

With all of the questions, new projects, bubble and hype accusations, and more, CoinMarketCap wanted to give our readers a place where they could tune down the noise and find as much accurate information as possible about the DeFi ecosystem in one place.

At the same time “DeFiChain” keeps its own consensus mechanism and function set, allowing for all those characteristics that Bitcoin does not inherently have.

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6 thoughts on “Are DeFi related coins the future of blockchains?”

  1. BANK has gained much attention lately and I believe the combined Defi and CeFi app token will do just great in the space.

    BANK has gained much attention lately and I believe the combined Defi and CeFi app token will do just great in the space.

  2. DeFi has a boundless potential, but just try and keep your safety tools with you all the time. I’ve read so many sad stories and make sure you DYOR before venturing into anything. You can look into XSN. I’m currently on it and it’s a great project.

  3. You can still make a goof profit from yield farming but that would be depending on what are you farming and where you stake it. Some gives good returns just make sure always DYOR before investing any money, maybe you can take a look on to Dot Finance, they have a strong fundamentals and giving good return as well with its auto compounding platform it would be easier for you too maximize your earnings.

  4. I don’t think is a buzzword. DeFi is here to stay. You didn’t miss the boat on compound, man. This is just getting started. I like Yearn protocol, but I still studying it right now. Be cautions about yield farming, mainly leveraged yield farming. See first if you can bear the risk. I’m doing it on PancakeSwap and Kalmar, but I’m already into this for a good time now. I’m x6.5 leveraged (BUSD &BNB pairs). This helps my porftolio’s returns a lot.

    I believe DeFi 2.0 will boost digital asset’s adoption. But sadly a lot of people is coming to DeFi because of the huge APYs some “doubtful” platforms are offering (DYOR). IMHO, this is not sustainable at all.

    By DefiChain you mean DFI? I saw that they are growing fast on traded volumes.

  5. That’s a fact Defi projects are the future of cryptocurrency take a look at projects like Gather network, A project that is launched on both Eth and BSC network


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