Arbitrum Bridge EURS issue

Bridging SEURS issue

I was trying to supply Stasis EURS on AAVE arbitrum network. Swapped for EURS on Balancer and used the official bridge to send to Arbitrum One. But the token that ended up in my wallet is not showing up on AAVE and a bit of research shows me that there are 2 separate contracts for EURS on Arbiscan. One if which has 170k volume and one which has $325 volume … $315 of which is mine.

What the heck happened? And am I just out the coins or can I recover?

Is this an exploit or weakness in the Arbitrum bridge or did my transaction somehow get messed up?

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  1. Sounds like a token mismatch, can’t you bridge the token back to mainnet?

    It’ll be best to ask for help in the #support channel in Arbitrums discord.


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