App to swap between stablecoin and stock?


(I hope that it’s the right place to ask about this. If not, please redirect me to the right Reddit? I tried cryptocurrency first but I don’t have enough karma so my post was removed.)

I am not very experienced with crypto or trading. I have a small amount of stock and I wonder if there is an app out there allowing to swap from stocks to stablecoins and back.

For instance when I see that the stock is high I could swap a part into stablecoins and when it is low I would swap back to the stock.

It would make it much easier regarding tax management because could handle taxes only on the day when I actually want to use the money. (The day when I convert it from stablecoin to usual money.)

Is it a sensible approach ?

I would need the fees to be as low as possible as you can guess, and consistent with the fact that I wouldn’t be selling large amounts every time).

Any suggestion please ?

Take care !

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