Anyone with Security token experience

Security tokens are a very popular topic in the blockchain industry in the past few years. It enables various assets to be transferred to the blockchain to record ownership and manifest in the form of tokens, which will change holding and transfer of investment. It is possible to have a major impact on global capital markets.

As one of Asias first, the main goal of Fusang Exchange is to promote the initial issuance and secondary trading of security tokens on its own platform, and to change the way in which various assets are recorded and traded. At present, it has supported the trading of security tokens for multiple funds, Bitcoin and Ethereum transactions.

Recently a lot of attempts have been made to promote the issuance and listing of security tokens. The above all reflect that the security token field is showing many positive development trends and signals after a long period of silence. What’s your experience regarding Security-Tokens?

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1 thought on “Anyone with Security token experience”

  1. I think the whole idea of having security tokens is nice, but I find that creators of security tokens spend very little time motivating why they are created and outlining potential benefits/unique characteristics of their instruments to the general public. People, in my experience, have to second-guess the comparative advantages of these new tokens. I think creating a balanced promo campaign that focuses on educating people (thus giving them the necessary background) followed by marketing tokens would be extremely effective.


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