Anyone well-familiar with the DAVOS protocol, what is your take on it?

So, I came across the [DAVOS protocol]( (positioning themselves as a MakerDAO equivalent on the Polygon network.) Despite being around for more than a year or two, there isn’t much buzz about the project. It certainly DOES sound promising–along the lines of ‘doing one better than MakerDAO.’ However, I am a wee-bit skeptical. However, something tells me they’re centralized, which I can’t prove for sure. Maybe its just the vibe that I’m getting.

Defi experts, what do you think about it?

P.S. In search for better answers, I’d be posting this on other subs too. Excuse the redundancy.

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5 thoughts on “Anyone well-familiar with the DAVOS protocol, what is your take on it?”

  1. It’s nonsense. Lots of mumbo jumbo to confuse users into believing there is something credible there. (I mean, did you understand any of it on its face? I had to dive in deep to figure out it’s all nonsense.)

  2. I am really not that impressed with this project you mentioned. As you said I feel the same its more centralized. We are in crypto to embrace financial freedom by all mean. I even purchased phones and many other things with crypto using Utrust and other payment gateways. So better to go with reliable and consistently growing project.

  3. I don’t find this project to be legit. Why not do some research on Equilibrium? Their lending requirements are much better.

  4. I have kinda heard about it. I interacted with the ecosystem for airdrop purposes. I haven’t heard about from them and I have moved on. I’m currently investing actively in Crypto payment projects like CYMi that is driving adoption of crypto as a means of payment via it free transaction fee and loyalty rewards.


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