Anyone here have experience keeping their coins on Midas?

I’m currently keeping my BTC and ETH on []( at the moment, but their recent rate slashes have made me look for a potential new place to stash my coins. I am not an active trader, I sit on my coins long-term, so for me the most important factor aside from safety is the interest rate on holding coins. Midas just cut their rates and they are still way ahead of any other site I can find. It feels too good to be true.

Are there any Midas holders here or people who know about them that can vouch for them or offer warning about their practices?

I hope this is the appropriate subreddit to post about them in; they do mention using defi investment to sustain the interest rates they offer, and the main cryptocurrency subreddit seems about as helpful as 4chan if you are looking for good advice.

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3 thoughts on “Anyone here have experience keeping their coins on Midas?”

  1. Don’t try to find Alpha on reddit, you are better of with 4chan…

    Midas is a Ponzi, don’t waste your money

  2. Anchor protocol has some really good rates and guarantees 20% on their stablecoin from what I understand. It’s worth checking out. Not 100% sure about Midas at this point.


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