Anyone have some good recommendations on projects like

I’ve heard of Tomb (which is pegged to Fantom), Nacho (which is pegged to Ethereum), and Bomb (which is pegged to Bitcoin). Does anyone have any other projects that they would recommend? I’m feeling like some degen plays and I like the concept of this project.


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  1. Have you heard of Kaddex built on the Kadena network?

    Kaddex is the first gasless Decentralized exchange. The public sale is almost over and the launch comes after.

    It’s amazing how this project is set to tackle one of if not the most talked about problems in decentralized exchange.

    I cant imagine what will happen when people realized that there is a Decentralized exchange without gas fees.

  2. I’m also Invested in VaporFi nodes.

    VaporFi is actually the most affotdable and stable node project out there, since they lowered the cost of 1 node and increased lower tier earnings.

    Link to info:

    Look at tiers, autocompounding, and diamond hands bonuses. Buy only 1 to 4 nodes to begin with. Higher earnings if your vpnd is below 4,999.
    Then autocompound on day 7.
    You’ll get both the autocompounding and diamond hands level 2 bonuses, increasing your daily earnings quite a bit per day.

    This is why vapornodes is the best for stable passive income. Cheapest nodes, good strategies to increase earnings from a small investment, and they’ve proven they will have a longer sustainable shelf life.

    Even buying 1 node, with the strategy above, you can earn up to $10 per day. Not bad for a $60 investment. By day 7, you’ll already have earned most of your initial investment back. With Diamondhands and Autocomp, you increase your profit and will have your initial investment back by day 8 or 9. Continue to follow this strategy and do this every 7 to 14 days on each node. Every day you earn more passive income, which is now 100% profit after day 8. Use the same strategy on all 4 nodes and don’t combine them until you understand how much it’ll decrease your daily profit compared to keeping them separate bc lower tiers make more.

    It’s been a good stable investment for me. Here’s my referral link if you’d like to try. Don’t feel you have to use my referral code / link. I’m not trying to shill it.

    I’ve been helping many ppl understand defi and how to make real money with different protocols on this channel and other socials, as I’ve been in Crypto and defi for many years, with lessons learned.

    Hope this helps!

  3. Its a ponzi play, Chargedefi is not a tomb fork, but it’s virtually the same as tomb, with planned debit card, payment app and another feature to generate actual income and not be ponzi

  4. I’ve heard of Subsquid which is based on the dotsama ecosystem. Its use cases go wider to providing powerful APIs to the decentralized web projects

  5. For my farming needs i am mostly in stabels farming over at hundred finance at the moment.

    Also staking DAFI in suepr staking, have a masternode of GTH and PSP AIOZ staking.

    Not into any algo coin at the moment

  6. not sure why so many people like these shit ponzis.

    have they ever been profitable for anyone but the earliest investors?

    If you like this kind of shit, why bet on Tomb which is pegged to FTM? Use charge defi which is pegged to the dollar so you don’t have to worry about the price of FTM.

    I stay away as far as possible from TOMB and OHM forks, though, and will advise you to invest in some good projects rather than this kind of BS.

  7. There’s a fairly new project that launched over the weekend called MATIC Staker.

    It is similar to a TOMB fork in the way of you stake your MATIC but get MATIC in return, however their MSK token is releasing soon and will be an airdrop for those staking in the protocol. Therefore like a TOMB fork you’d stake your MATIC and earn both MATIC and MSK the native coin. Fairly good APR with 6-9% daily depending which package you choose.

    Website –

  8. I’ve invested in
    Fork of Titano without the risk of rugpulls and hacks, like Titano experienced last night.

    It’s still early as it’s a new project, and high TVL, MC, and no staking. Just hold libero in your BSC wallet. Interest compounds every 30 mins.

    I’ve already made my initial investment back and earning GREAT passive income daily. You can sell anytime, but there’s a strategy to cash out 1% daily after 15 days to increase your earnings. And with every burn, you can 2%+ more of the share.

    It’s the best high degen Web3 defi project with excellent coding and lessons learned from Titano.
    Great Telegram community.
    An opportunity to 100X an initial investment of only $1K-$3K.
    I’m in 6 different defi projects and this one is by far the best.
    Check it out.

  9. Checkout HyperdexFinance. Really dope project and simplified for easy understanding by any interested person. You’ll probably like the tech and team behind it too

  10. Wine / grape finance had been good to me for a few days, but now it’s tanking.

    I made some good money staking Wine on Beefy, and just as it started dropping I jumped to Dibs on BSC.

    But personally, I’d bet on Titano right now which is a similar yet different model. Not a financial advice, DYOR, etc.

  11. I could tell you about a yield farming project that seems like high risk but is not, Kalmar’s leveraged yield farming was recently audited by Hacken and considered secure.


    This is a platform where users have an option to borrow up to x6.5 their depositing value when farming.


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