Any web3 project founders in here that need data/bot automations?

Curious about your processes and marketing promotion, in particular the automation side of things. Do you run any monitoring?

I’ve created multiple defi projects and custom bots to help me with growing the project in an automated way by posting on popular hashtags and providing analytics around my use-case. After my nth bot, I decided to build a tool – to scale this process by building and managing multiple social media bots.

And so, I’ve been hacking away again for a few months, to get the project ready for testing.

I would like to speak to people launching their projects, from defi to NFT collections, who would like to run such bots.



Essentially I want to hook you up with a free Twitter (or social media) bot to test my system. In return for feedback on what I’m building.

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2 thoughts on “Any web3 project founders in here that need data/bot automations?”

  1. Hi, thanks for offering this!

    I’m curious to learn a little bit more about what you’re trying to accomplish. Is your code open source?

    Also curious to know if you’ve implemented any anti-fingerprinting type functions so twitter/IG assigns higher value to your bots’ interactions.

    Thanks for sharing!

    GL with your project đŸ™‚


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