Any way to salvage my soFTT?

I bought soFTT from Orca and Tulip on Solana, thinking I was getting FTT wormhole, at price and since sollet has gone down there is no way to exchange it to FTT Wormhole. Orca and Tulip were selling soFTT as FTT, and since there’s no liquidity in their pools I’m in the hole for $$$$.

Wormhole lists it as a depreciated token, and unless someone can help me here I’ve just lost everything.

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2 thoughts on “Any way to salvage my soFTT?”

  1. I wish I had the slightest clue how to help but I barely know what these words mean. I do know it sucks big to feel the way I imagine you might be feeling, so just sending a hug and some compassion from one human to another. Good luck

  2. No idea if this would work as I’m not familiar with these protocols at all, but I wonder if the smart contracts exist on-chain and can be executed directly. If so you may be able to get something, but if there is no liquidity then I don’t think you have any chance


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