Any Discord for those building DApps?

Are there any discord groups related to building dApps?

I’m building my first ever dApp and want to connect with others doing the same or those who are more experienced, to share tips, struggles, etc. Anyone know of a relevant discord or telegram group?

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7 thoughts on “Any Discord for those building DApps?”

  1. Don’t know any, but perhaps you should check out the Plugnet DC, I think their Otto blockchain has been built to support web3 DApps. I don’t know the idea behind your DApp, but I thought this could be helpful.

  2. Almost all DApps copy and paste solidity coding. If you’re trying to offer unique features, then you’ll have to know solidity or oracle. Also, you’ll have to quadruple check for vulnerabilities, as we all know how any DApp can get hacked easily. Definitely get Certik audited as well


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