Any crypto projects integrating offline with online?

I know that the majority of the crypto world is online, but I’m curious to know if there are any crypto projects that are integrating the physical world with their developments. It’s a weird thing I’m looking for, but you should see it from my perspective. A lot of people find more value in things that are existing in physical form, as it not only gives them the impression of more value, but also gives them more trust in the project (especially with the negative reputation of crypto being “imaginary money”)

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4 thoughts on “Any crypto projects integrating offline with online?”

  1. There are a lot of companies offering tokenized real-world assets like government bonds, commodities like gold, or fiat currencies. Tokenized real estate also exists but it hasn’t caught on yet

  2. I hear you. The dream of satoshi was to make crypto used as payments which are now happening. You can buy anything and everything with crypto using a web3 payment gateway from a Tesla car to groceries. I think This is mainstream and it’s not imaginary money anymore.


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