Announcing DeFi Dictionary

[We have created a dictionary for DeFi](

At Trading Strategy, we are working to provide better tools for DeFi traders. As a part of our work, we recognised that a lot of traders, both everyday trades and professional traders coming from traditional finance backgrounds, were struggling to understand what their degen DeFi bros were talking about. Thus, we wanted to create something similar to Investopedia, focusing on the on-chain world and explaining these terms to users, media and for other educational purposes.

We hope that this will contribute to the adoption of blockchain technologies over time.

DeFi dictionary covers various terminology:

* DeFi specific: DEXes, automated makers, lending protocols, etc.
* Basics of trading: swap, order book, mid-price, etc.
* Blockchain specific: chains, wallets, keys, MEV, etc.
* Security: Rug pull, honey pot, token tax, etc.
* Automated trading: market making, strategies, yield farming

The dictionary is open source and [we accept pull requests](

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  1. nice. Educational content is what is needed, esp. with a (hopefully) bullrun around the corner! Keep up the good work.


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